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Prime Technical Leaders represent companies with impressive fundamental financial criteria and a technically-attractive entry point. Leaders are added as opportunities arise from our nightly screening of over 6,000 stocks through our MetaStock software.

Subscribers are presented with a cumulative list of leading stocks that have been filtered for technical and fundamental criteria, representing companies that are consistent with Baseline Analytics' sector and regional attractiveness vetting process. Selections are timely (Date Added is noted to identify the date when the favorable setup was identified).  

Symbol Rationale Date Added Closing Price
MEET Social media app undervalued; attractive technical entry 12/05/16 5.01
NKE Nike attractive entry point; 1.38% yield 12/02/16 50.46
DSW Attractive valuation, rising EPS estimates; 3.3% dividend 9/12/16 24.24
TILE Compelling value and turnaround potential; 1.4% dividend 9/12/16 17.20
HXL EPS beat; strong volume 7/20/16  42.75
SWKS Growth at Reasonable Price plus 1.35% dividend 3/28/16  76.92
DIS Settled near long-term support 3/28/16  98.09
VLRS Breakout to new highs 11/22/15  18.96
CHRW Favorable moving average cross 9/2/15 67.03
WNC Bounce at major support 9/2/15  12.10 
UHS Rising earnings estimates 8/19/15  145.39 
VLO Valuation, technical support 6/05/15  55.20 
LYB Close over 50-day; attractive value 3/26/15


PGR Breakout on strong volume 3/18/15  26.73
FLT Basing at 50-day moving average 2/4/15  147.32 
CRI Finds support at 50-day moving average 11/14/14  78.45 




Written by David Fabian of FMD Capital Management.     The current rise in interest rates has an eerily-similar feeling to the panic and frustration after the Fed’s surprise announcement to taper quantitative easing in 2013.  Just like then, the bond market is reacting more to the thought of a change in Fed policy and not the change itself.  Investors should always remember that the  markets are not logical, they are psychological.  So with the strong non-farm payroll numbers that were released this morning, there is renewed anticipation that the Fed will be forced to hike in October, instead of the first quarter of 2016.