Simplify investment decisions with Baseline Analytics TrendFlex. Receive targeted investment ideas utilizing the TrendFlex market trend indicators and our focused research results for stocks, ETF's and Index signals. Compare Baseline Analytics with the multitude of web-based trading and investment sites. Click here to compare!  Baseline Analytics was founded in 2005 and continues to peek investor curiosity with its simple market trend signals!

Baseline Analytics annual subscription fee is a mere $79 per year. Baseline Analytics does not rely on advertising revenue (so no annoying Ads)! We believe that the modest annual subscription fee to gain access to the insight that has rewarded investors since its founding in 2005, is well worth the value.

Subscriber services include the following:

TrendFlex Score and Signals - Updated Weekly or more frequently as market conditions warrant

Get an early warning of an impending change in the market trend with our flagship market trend indicators TrendFlex Allegiance and TrendFlex Classic. Validate your assessment of the trend of the S&P 500, and rely on the TrendFlex Score to measure the degree of risk of a change to the trend. These indicators have been actively used by Baseline Analytics since 2005.  Click here to see the performance of these market trend indicators.  Visit our TrendFlex Page for more details.  Although Baseline Analytics strives for 52 weekly updates per year, we need a break every so often, so we guarantee a minimum of 40 weekly updates (likely more)!

We are also introducing Baseline Analytics Extremes, alerting investors to key market trend change indicators that have stretched to extreme levels and point to a potential market trend shift. Click here for our blog introducing Baseline Analytics Extremes.

Index and ETF Signals - Updated Weekly

On a daily basis, Baseline Analytics reviews the price trends of 19 heavily-traded Index ETF's and Sector SPDR's, and identifies those ETF's that have signaled a potential change in trend. Baseline Analytics provides both the TrendFlex and MetaStock signals to look for alignment in the trend's characterization.  Also useful is to observe the weekly changes in the signals, which can provide an early indication of a trend shift. 

Each day, Baseline Analytics scans over 6,000 ETF's and equities to identify timely trading and investment opportunities. With ETF Zone, drill down on actively-traded ETF’s that are poised to move (up or down) based on theTrendFlex indicators, macro, regional and sector criteria, as well as select technical indicators, relative sector strength, intermarket analysis, and economic cycle-based sector rotation models. Investors can use ETF Zone as a tool for intelligent asset allocation within our changing markets.  Click here for a sample of ETF Zone.   

StockStash - Updated Monthly 

Targeted investment opportunities are presented with our StockStash product. StockStash includes up to 6,000 equities scanned daily by a series of proprietary stock screeners developed with a variety of technical and fundamental indicators, using state-of-the-art screening and technical software tools. Companies with strong fundamentals and positive momentum are selected based on technical criteria, representing attractive price entry points.  Click here for a sample of StockStash. StockStash is updated monthly or more frequently as opportunities arise.



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