Simplify investment decisions with The Baseline Analytics TrendFlex. Our three products, TrendFlex, ETF Zone and StockStash, deliver simple tools to assess your investment portfolio once per week, and to identify compelling investment opportunities without spending your scarce free time reviewing stock charts and investment reports. 


TrendFlex includes our flagship market trend indicators as well as the TrendFlex Score, which measures the risk to the current stock market trend. Signals include TrendFlex Classic and TrendFlex Allegiance, representing short-term and intermediate-term term trends, respectively, and are benchmarked against the S&P500.  Click here to see the performance of these market trend indicators.  Visit our TrendFlex page for more details.

ETF Zone

ETF Zone identifies widely traded ETF’s that are poised to move (up or down) based on the three TrendFlex market trend indicators as well as select technical indicators, intermarket analysis and economic cycle-based sector rotation models. Investors can use ETF Zone as a tool for intelligent asset allocation within our changing markets.  Click here for a sample of ETF Zone.


StockStash includes up to 7,000 equities scanned weekly by a series of proprietary stock screeners developed through our partnership with Metastock. Companies with strong fundamentals and positive momentum are selected based on technical criteria, representing attractive price entry points.  Click here for a sample of StockStash.

TrendFlex signals, ETF Zone and StockStash selections are updated weekly prior to the market open of the following week, or more frequently as market conditions warrant.  Subscribers are encouraged to check in regularly for updates, especially for ETF Zone and StockStash selections added during the week. 

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